Happy Birthday, Mum.

Olúwafúnmitọ́ Blessed O.
2 min readDec 17, 2020
Mum sitting in her office chair during active service.

58 years ago today, you were born.

58 days ago, you left this world, without saying goodbye.

Sometimes I still feel like I’m dreaming. That one day I’ll wake up to my phone ringing to a call from you.

It has been a very rough ride, and even though it is a lot easier today than it was in the days immediately following your passing, there’s no day that I do not think of how different life would be and feel if you were still here on this side of eternity.

The void you left behind in the family is no small one and will take a very long time to fill, if ever it gets filled.

I’m grateful for the 3 plus decades we share. You remain the kindest, most selfless, and most compassionate human being I have known, always willing to listen, share and show care. I could not have asked for a better mother.

While pregnant with me

Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me, my siblings, and the entire family. We stand tall today because you gave us your shoulders to climb on. Even though you did not wait to reap most of what you have sown while here on this earth, I make bold to say you lived a very fulfilled life.

Mum and I during my M.Sc. convocation ceremony (November 2015)

Your seeds will continue to shine as beacons of light and hope, for that was what you stood for.

On her knees — how she fights her battles.

I’m grateful for your legacy, and promise to keep it alive.

Rest on my virtuous one. You will always be in my heart, for you brought me forth, and a part of you continues to lives on inside me. I will cherish that, and the beautiful memories we hold of you.

The memories we hold of you will live on forever

I know that one day, we shall meet again, to part no more…



Olúwafúnmitọ́ Blessed O.

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