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Olúwafúnmitọ́ Blessed O.
Educator || Youth Development Advocate || Technology Solutions Provider. I train, teach, mentor, and consult on making the best of technology.

On Thursday, 25th February 2021, I wrote my Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) Certification Exam. One day later, I became officially Google Cloud certified.

My Google Cloud Certified ACE Certificate

The journey to becoming certified started in 2019, through the Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS), a program led by Andela through its Andela Learning Community, in partnership with Google and Pluralsight.

After scaling the highly competitive stages and finally reaching the certification exam phase in January 2020, COVID-19 hit the world, and I, along with everyone else who qualified had to wait one full year before we could write our exam. …

Mum sitting in her office chair during active service.

58 years ago today, you were born.

58 days ago, you left this world, without saying goodbye.

Sometimes I still feel like I’m dreaming. That one day I’ll wake up to my phone ringing to a call from you.

It has been a very rough ride, and even though it is a lot easier today than it was in the days immediately following your passing, there’s no day that I do not think of how different life would be and feel if you were still here on this side of eternity.

The void you left behind in the family is…

Starting and completing the Udacity Front-End Nanodegree was undoubtedly my biggest personal development achievement for the year 2018 and even though the year itself was a rough one in a lot of ways, I have at least that one thing I will always be thankful for.

My Verified Udacity Nanodegree Certificate of Completion

I know myself to be someone who takes my personal development very seriously. Quoting my very good friend, OLUWATOBI,

“There’s always an updated version of Funto every time you talk to him”.

Even though she uses those words jokingly most of the time, I know there is a large amount of truth in them…

I draw a lot of inspiration and strength from the things I see around me.

Somehow I believe there is a direct line of significance joining us and the seemingly mundane things we often take for granted. There is a lot we can learn from these creatures we see and hear about everyday; from the harmless Ants, to Big Cats.

However, the subject of my reflection today is the Butterfly.

An Adult Butterfly.

We all know that butterflies are beautifully amazing creatures, but not many of us have really taken the time to watch a butterfly develop. From my elementary biology, I learnt…

On March 28 2018, I submitted my application for the Google Africa Challenge scholarship, led by Andela with support from Udacity. The weeks up to that day had been unarguably the most challenging of my entire life, and I had the perfect excuse not to have completed that application process.

But that is a story for another time.

Google Africa Scholarship Campaign Picture

I remember it took literally everything I had in me to sit down amidst the internal and external chaos I was facing at the time to complete the application process. Little did I know this singular act will become one I would…

Almajiri Children. Source

May 27 is a dedicated day to the celebration of children in Nigeria, and the theme for this year’s celebration is “Creating Safe Spaces for Children: Our Collective Responsibility”.

However, the reality we face in our day-to-day lives as Nigerians is very different from the ideal. From the young boy on the streets who has to make his own living hawking sesame seeds because his parents’ meagre income cannot take care of him, to the 9 year olds who continue to suffer from obstructed labor pain because they are supposed to be “married”, our country is full of children who…

Dear girl friend,


I really love you from the depths of my heart. Love in its truest form — not the selfish lust for personal gratification that we have become so used to. You are beautiful, smart and funny. You give me that “butterfly in my stomach” feeling whenever I’m with you.

But today, my dear friend, I have something to tell you. I struggle a lot. I know you may have no Idea, but some of the time I think of you not more than an object of physical pleasure. Something inside of me tells me you are more…

I was born exactly 10,000 days ago. I read Johnson Kee’s article a few weeks back and immediately grabbed my calculator to find out what day mine would turn out to be. It turned out to be today.

This is Me. Photo credit

I am not naturally someone who attaches much significance to days like most people do. I see every day of my life the same way — a chance to put a smile on someone’s face, make an impact in the little world around me and improve on myself.

Today, however, I decided to do more than I would do normally. I am writing this post and sharing with the world. Normally, it would just sit in my journal for my eyes only. Coming across Medium a couple of weeks ago I must say is the biggest catalyst for my decision…

Olúwafúnmitọ́ Blessed O.

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